Unique and revolutionary machine for the treatment of varicose veins thanks to the team of the Ippocrate Vein Clinic Center in Parma led by Prof. Paolo Casoni.

SONOVEIN, a machine made by the French company THERACLION, arrives exclusively in Italy for the first time. 100% non-invasive robotic revolution for the therapy of varicose veins through the use of "ecotherapy". Ecotherapy uses ultrasounds like those of ultrasound machines but much more powerful. It exploits high energy waves and focuses them on the vein to be treated so as to converge the heat source in a precise point of the vein. The resulting thermal energy intervenes in a selective and targeted manner on the diseased vein, in this way there is no need for venous access and consequently leaves no scars or there is a risk of infections.

This method was born in oncology to eliminate thyroid, breast and prostate tumors and is now transported to phlebology. SONOVEIN® does not destroy the vein, it only eliminates the areas of pathological reflux, providing the circulation with the possibility of returning to normal. We can define this process as a selective hemodynamic echo therapy.

The machine, in Italy for the first time thanks to the commitment of the team of the Ippocrate Vein Clinic Center in Parma led by Prof. Paolo Casoni, Surgeon specialized in Vascular Surgery, General Surgery and Clinical Oncology, and his collaborators Prof. Edoardo Cervi (General and Vascular Surgeon), Dr. Emanuele Nanni (Angiologist and Sonographer) and Dr. M. Pizzamiglio, (specializing in Vascular Surgery in Madrid), offers its customers an innovative solution for the treatment of varicose veins. All this will be possible starting from November at the Vein Clinic Ippocrate in Parma where Prof. Casoni holds the position of Health Director of the Center.

Thanks to the collaboration undertaken by the prestigious medical team with the Venini23 Medical Center in Milan, developed on five levels diversified by clinical field, the customer will have the opportunity to carry out specialized visits for the treatment of varicose veins in the Milan office, and then carry out the treatment at the Vein Clinic Ippocrate in Parma.

The procedure takes place in the clinic and allows an immediate return to normal life. In more complex cases we will intervene simultaneously with a further novelty. It is a sclerosing foam that conforms to the most modern European standards with VariXio, an apparatus that allows the creation of a compound with a much higher efficacy than those commonly used. It should be noted that this technique is not for everyone. It is necessary to know the patient well, perform an accurate examination with Eco Color Dopper with appropriate "hemodynamic cartography", a real map of the superficial vascular system, so as to understand which is the most appropriate treatment for that patient and for that particular limb.